Business in Electric Vehicles


  1. Charging Station
  2. Electric Motors
  3. Electric Panel
  4. Batteries
  5. Accessories

Countries which will phase out fossil fuel cars to meet goals of Paris Climate Accord:

  1. Britain
  2. France
  3. Norway
  4. India
  5. China

Reasons to enter E Vehicle business:

  1. Technological challenge has been solved; The range of vehicles has been extended to slightly over 300km between charges; b) New high-power charging technology has reduced recharge times to as little as 14 minutes;
  2. Many e-vehicles will come on the market over the next 3 years; In US half-million all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars have been sold, In china last year alone 350000 e-vehicles were sold,
  3. Focus has started for providing necessary charging infrastructure;-charging station need to be combined with renewable energy.


  1. To date non-residential charging stations are: EU-120000, US-16000, China-800000.


China will drive 50lakhs cars by 2020. Total there are 290 million vehicles on chineese roads.

What more is required:

  1. Tax breaks for investments in charging systems;
  2. establishing international standards for charging protocols;
  3. funding additional research for high-power charging technologies;
  4. mandating installation of charging stations at some existing filling stations, such located on public highways.

Making of a Daily Routine for an Entrepreneur 

1. Wake up at 6am. Read emails. what changed markets while i was sleeping.
2. Work out in next 2hours: gym, walk, jog, run, yoga, pranayam, meditation;
3. Start delegating and coordinating work in whatz app. Read top news. finish breakfast. Managing risks and wealth;
4. Pick up things need to be carried away from home. Drive fast reach office. also attending work in between;
5. Reach before all staff reach. check attendance of all staff. delegate – coordinate – help staff finish his or her work; send hello to person who I met last day and meet the once in a month to this new introduction;
6. Using time quadrant. reprioritizing work;
7. Drink water. Deep breaths;
8. look upon the compliance calender;
9. Phone calls, motivational spurts;
10. Letters writing. strategic thinking.
11. Status with inwards and dispatches; collections and work innprocess;
12. Collections of receivables;
13. Liasion follow ups;
14. video conferencing and high tea;
15. Quality drives and housekeeping;
16. corrective measures in Day end closing reports as per fonancial planning
17. end my day scheduling next days events.
18. Dont procastinate. do it, delegate it or siscard it;

Reader may write his or her comments against the relevant point number. 

The Best way to Stay Focussed

One of the important reasons why we are not able to realise our true potential is that our mind is not in our control.

Organising our minds fundamentally means, moving from a compulsive state of activity to a conscious state of activity. Means choose activities as is suitable for you and not the way your master or customer or client wants.

To keep the mind focussed and under control is to be committed towards a purpose in life.