Making of a Daily Routine for an Entrepreneur 

1. Wake up at 6am. Read emails. what changed markets while i was sleeping.
2. Work out in next 2hours: gym, walk, jog, run, yoga, pranayam, meditation;
3. Start delegating and coordinating work in whatz app. Read top news. finish breakfast. Managing risks and wealth;
4. Pick up things need to be carried away from home. Drive fast reach office. also attending work in between;
5. Reach before all staff reach. check attendance of all staff. delegate – coordinate – help staff finish his or her work; send hello to person who I met last day and meet the once in a month to this new introduction;
6. Using time quadrant. reprioritizing work;
7. Drink water. Deep breaths;
8. look upon the compliance calender;
9. Phone calls, motivational spurts;
10. Letters writing. strategic thinking.
11. Status with inwards and dispatches; collections and work innprocess;
12. Collections of receivables;
13. Liasion follow ups;
14. video conferencing and high tea;
15. Quality drives and housekeeping;
16. corrective measures in Day end closing reports as per fonancial planning
17. end my day scheduling next days events.
18. Dont procastinate. do it, delegate it or siscard it;

Reader may write his or her comments against the relevant point number. 

Author: suratmsf

Chartered Accountant in Practice since 1995. Vice-chairman of The Financial Co-operative Bank Ltd, Surat. FINCO Bank. Promoter and Ex-independent director of Gallantt Metal Ltd. Ex-Chairman of Surat branch of ICAI. UPSC dropped by 40 marks. Avid investor in equities and businesses.

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