Bankers’ View:

It is the market value of your movable and immovable assets less outstanding outside liabilities.


Your Network is your Networth. The net present value of cash profit your business can generate in next three to five years is your networth.

Aesthetic View:

The sum value of your Sama, Dama, Uparati, Titiksha, Shradha and Samadhaan. Sama stands for the sate of your mind being cool, calm, composed and collected under all circumstances. A graceful way to interact with the world, regardless of what it throws at you. Dama is about turning off touch, tastes, sights, sounds and smells, and tuning in to our inner master. It is when you know exactly what is needed, right now.

Uparati is finding yourself content with what you have. It is the “I Thank” chant and not the “I Want” rant. Titiksha or forbearance means meet abuse by forbearance. Diamonds are carved under pressure. Titiksha is about sticking it out with a smile, with patience beyond measure.

Shraddha or faith is simply the opposite of “I know it all”. It is leaving room for unimaginable possibilities. Samadhana-a foxy and fantastic focus achieved by a combination of the other five virtues. It is being completely at ease, going with the flow of life without resistance.



Author: suratmsf

Chartered Accountant in Practice since 1995. Vice-chairman of The Financial Co-operative Bank Ltd, Surat. FINCO Bank. Promoter and Ex-independent director of Gallantt Metal Ltd. Ex-Chairman of Surat branch of ICAI. UPSC dropped by 40 marks. Avid investor in equities and businesses.

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